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How to get CT 6.26 Shareware

Subject: How to get CT 6.26 Shareware
From: reisert@mast.enet.dec.com (Jim -- MLO3-6/B9 -- DTN 223-5747 01-Apr-1992 1324)
Date: Wed Apr 1 13:22:46 1992
CT 6.26 Shareware is now available for FTP access from
WSMR-SIMTEL20.ARMY.MIL.  The file can be found in the PD1:<MSDOS.HAMRADIO>
directory under the name CT626.ZIP.

If you do not have FTP access, you can still request a UUENCODEd .ZIP file
be sent to you through the mail.  Send a message to LISTSERV@VM1.NoDak.EDU
or LISTSERV@RPIECS.BITNET, and include this line in the body of the message:

        /pdget mail pd1:<msdos.hamradio>CT626.ZIP uuencode

The file should be sent to you in a day or so, and will arrive in multiple
parts.  You will have to append the parts together in order, edit out the
mailer information, so just the UUENCODEd data is left (the first line will
have the word 'begin ct626.zip' and the last line will simply be 'end') ,
and UUDECODE it.  If you need a UUDECODE program, you can get one from

        /pdget mail pd1:<msdos.starter>UUDECODE.BAS
        /pdget mail pd1:<msdos.starter>UUDECODE.C
        /pdget mail pd1:<msdos.starter>UUDECODE.DBG
        /pdget mail pd1:<msdos.starter>UUDECODE.PAS

Don't include the 'uuencode' command and the file will be sent to you in
ASCII form.

The CT program is in .ZIP (compressed) form - this means you will have to
get a copy of an UNZIPper to uncompress it.  You can request the UNZIPper
from SIMTEL2O:

        /pdget mail pd1:<msdos.starter>PKZ110EU.EXE uuencode

Follow the steps above to UUDECODE the program.  When the decoded file is on
your PC, typing 'pkz110eu' at the DOS prompt should uncompress it, and
create the program PKUNZIP.EXE, which you will use to UNZIP CT26.

This process has worked for lots of people.  Send me questions only if you
can't UUDECODE the file, or can't get it to UNZIP.

73 - Jim AD1C


I only work for Digital, they don't pay me enough to speak for them also.

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