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Does a good ground make *that* much difference?

Subject: Does a good ground make *that* much difference?
From: pascoe%rocky.dnet@gte.com (Dave Pascoe)
Date: Wed Apr 8 14:14:56 1992
> But it's not clear what's happened.  The changes to my station in
> the past few months have been:
>       --a TS-430S replaced a TS-820S (but both run about 90
> watts on CW which is what I use most of the time).  Yes, I only
> run barefoot.

Clearly no difference here........

>       --"Santa Claus," aka my wife, delivered a Heil boomset (the
> 5, not the 4) which makes a big difference on SSB

This is even an understatement.  I cannot say enough good things about Heil
microphones.  They by far have the best audio response of any microphone I
have ever used with ham transceivers on SSB.

The difference in breaking contest and normal DX pileups was very noticeable.
Of course I had switched to a Heil from an MC-50 at the time, but that's
another story.  MC-50's need special attention (e.g., tape around the outside
of the mic screen) to make them sound OK (i.e., add more highs).
I also liked the Shure 444....another good mic...

>       --it's been raining a lot, at least by S. Calif.
> standards.
> Only the wet ground makes sense to me as a major dB increaser for
> DXing.  I am on a canyon rim with a good shot from NW to SE
> through East, and a fair shot to the South.  Would wet ground
> lower my radiation angle so much that I'd really notice as much
> difference as I'm seeing?

I don't doubt Jim's sensitivity to his change in "getting out", but I don't
believe the wet ground would have that noticeable an effect....

Jim, perhaps just propagation is noticeably better?

Dave Pascoe
GTE/SCSD  |  pascoe@rocky.gte.com
KM3T      |  (617) 455-5704

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