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Antenna farm

Subject: Antenna farm
From: larryt@rocky.ateq.com (Larry Tyree x 7210)
Date: Wed Apr 22 14:20:35 1992
Well, thanks to those who gave me their ideas on what antennas to plant
this spring.  The comments received have encouraged me to go ahead and
put up a 95 foot tower and a 65 foot tower.  The interlaced 5el20/3el40
will go up at 96 feet with a 5el 10 about 8 feet above.  The 65 foot tower
will have a 4el 20 on a 36' boom at 65 feet and a 5 el 15 on a 32' boom
at 72'.

I have the hardware to side mount and rotate something on the big tower
at 65 feet or so.  I can build up a 4 element 15 on a 26' boom with the
hardware I have and that might be a good thing to try.  I am not sure
a quad loop for 40 will be a good idea with the beam pretty close to it.
Perhaps moving the current point off to the sides of the quad would help
eliminate interaction??  

If things continue going as well as they have, you may hear most of these
antennas in the WPX CW contest.  

On other note.  My guy anchors are purchased from a Wholesale Electric
supply place.  They sell stuff to the utility companies.  For less than
$100, I got the hardware for 6 anchor points.  It consists of a big plate
about 20 inches in diameter and a 8 foot rod that attaches to the plate 
with a nut.  The other end of the rod has room for 3 sets of guys to attach.
I plan to put the plate about 2.5 feet in the ground with some concrete in
front of it.  I was pleased to find the price has only increased $6 for
this hardware since I bought the same thing 7 years ago.  These people
seem quite happy to sell things to hams.

Good luck in the Texas QSO party and don't forget the Oregon QSO party
is the same weekend.

Larry "Tree" Tyree

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