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Software to produce beam heading "charts"

Subject: Software to produce beam heading "charts"
From: n6tv@vnet.ibm.com (Robert A. Wilson)
Date: Mon Apr 27 09:18:21 1992
If by "chart" you mean a table of beam headings to all the prefixes,
several programs such as MiniProp, DXBASE, etc. will do that.  However,
if what you want is a program that draws a great circle MAP centered on
any QTH, I have not found one that runs under DOS.

The best ham map software is Geoclock.  It comes with a custom equidistant-
azimuthal map centered on your QTH.  Nothing beats seeing the gray line
plotted in real time on a great circle map.  You see immediately how much
of your signal is passing through light, dark, and gray.  A bargain at

Bob, N6TV

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