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Subject: AA6TT
From: jayk@hpxxx.fc.hp.com (Jay Kesterson X4027)
Date: Mon Apr 27 11:06:56 1992
> I understand that AA6TT gave a presentation on his station in
> Colorado at one of the forums this year. If anyone can recall
> some of the details, or has some information about it, I, for
> one, would be interested in a summary. By the way, I understand
> that he spent some big $$$$ putting this together. Who is this
> guy, anyway? Did he win the lottery or something? .... ..
> Alan, K6XO

I didn't go to Dayton but is this what I heard from several of the guys
here in Colorado.  Think the antenna stuff is accurate.

10 meters 4 - 8 el. yagis
15 meters 4 - 8 el. yagis
20 meters 3 (maybe 4) - 6 el. yagis
40 meters 2 - 3 el. yagis
80 meters 1 - 3 el. yagi
10/15/20 2 - large lp arrays

All antennas are DX Engineering except for the 80 which is a KLM.
All the stacks are vertical stacks and the lower antennas are turned by
TIC General rotating rings.

I have been told AA6TT was the owner/CEO/whatever of a fairly well known
record label in CA.  He sold out and retired to Colorado near his wife's
family.  I can think of better places to build a DX test superstation :-).

73,  Jay K0GU    jayk@hpxxx.fc.hp.com 

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