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CT 7.25 and IC-765

Subject: CT 7.25 and IC-765
From: k2ph@dxis.att.com (Bob Schreibmaier)
Date: Mon Apr 27 23:00:33 1992
I have been using CT version 7.25 and have only recently been
able to connect the computer to the IC-765 to pick up packet
spots and use Alt-F4 make the rig QSY.  It's great!  Only one
thing, though.  I did a TEST spot using QSX to get VFOs A and B
split, which the radio took without a glitch.  However, when I
did another Alt-F4 to get back to the "run" frequency, VFO A
did move back to the correct frequency, but the radio stayed
in split mode.  Anybody else have this problem?  Is this a bug
in version 7.25 or are my computer and IC-765 not communicating?

Bob K2PH
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