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QSL Label from DXBase

Subject: QSL Label from DXBase
From: CRAWFORD@ritchie-emh1.army.mil (Crawford)
Date: Wed Jun 3 09:09:35 1992
Is anyone using an HP Deskjet 500 to print QSL labels from DXBase?
I am having a problem with the printer starting too far down the
paper.  I think it should start printing at 1/2" but it actually
starts at 5/8".  This results in the last line of the label
overwriting the edge of the label.  Unfortunately, when I took
the printer back to the dealer and they checked with HP,
they said:
- there was no adjustment for where the paper starts printing
- printer working properly because the other printers they 
have started in same place (I watched them test it on their
demo machines).

Any experience or ideas?  Anyone know of someone at
HP I can contact through the Net?
Thanks, Jerry K7UPJ

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