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CT bug reports; K1EA DVP board

Subject: CT bug reports; K1EA DVP board
From: n6tv@vnet.ibm.com (Robert A. Wilson)
Date: Mon Jun 15 14:05:20 1992
May we use this forum for CT bug reports?  It would be great if
someone subscribing to this forum would agree to relay these
reports directly to K1EA or KC1EO.  Reporting via the CT-BBS
can really run up your phone bill from the West Coast.

Here's a little bug:

CT 8.07, All Asian contest, log UA1ABC, it correctly reports "work
only Asians," but if you change the call to UA9ABC, it still says
"work only Asians" and will not let you log the QSO unless you
kill the QSO and start over.  Suggested fix:  CT should let
you log anyone in the All Asian, but count non-Asian stations
as zero points, zero multiplier.

The AA CW is this weekend.  If anyone can relay this bug report to Ken
or Bill today, please send a note to me via direct mail

By the way, the DVP seems to be working just as advertised.  Audio
quality sounds great.  Callsign sending with pre-recorded letters
and numbers sounds a bit stuttery (as expected), but it works.
Any message you program today on CW can be programmed to the
same key as a voice message.  Only one function key for the
CQ message, though.  I suppose you could program Alt-F7 or
some other little-used memory for a longer CQ.

Automatic CQ repeat mode (Rpt, NoRpt) works great on both CW and
SSB, with adjustable delay between CQs.  It quits as soon as
you start typing, resumes on the next CQ.  In my view, the
repeat mode alone is worth the price of the upgrade.

Bob, N6TV

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