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VHF Multi-multi Ethics

Subject: VHF Multi-multi Ethics
From: wb2ekk%rocky.dnet@gte.com (John Pescatore)
Date: Thu Jun 18 09:56:28 1992
Several locals went to FN00 for the recent VHF contest for a multi-multi
and were under the impression that they couldn't really use 2M DXcluster
packet spotting, since you could only have 1 signal on 2M at any one time.
Since you never really know when the 2M radio on packet will be xmitting, you
would be violating the rules. This seemed like an overly strice interpretation,
what is the story here?

Also, is it true that rovers can pack multiple hams ina single vehicle, with
a single rig/antenna and give out 1 QSO per ham in the car?? This seems to be
kinda silly to allow, much like all the ops at a multi lining up at the mike
to work their friend on a DXpedition.


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