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10m test question

Subject: 10m test question
From: tucker@eedsp.gatech.edu (Jeff Tucker N9HZQ)
Date: Fri Dec 4 20:50:55 1992
> Actually, a new twist on the /T /N bit.
> In the upcoming 10m contest there are novice/tech categories requiring the /T
> and /N designators.  There is also a multi single category.  Now the queston:
> If there is a m/s tech station, I assume that all operations must take place
> within the novice sub-bands, but must all operators be novices or techs?
> My motivation for asking is a possible plan to get on with a young
> tech using his call sign and operatng with him as a means of giving him some
> needed motivation.  In this situation we really wouldn't be in a position to
> win anything (unless by default, no other log in the category from the
> section - sometimes a very real possibility).  
> Continuing this line of thought, what if we don't submit the log or just 
> submit
> a check log?  Does being legal (in the contest rules sense) really matter?
> 73, -SEP

If you don't submit a log for scoring, you can theoretically do what you
want.  But, it would be bad form to sign /T if you aren't really one.

If a multi-single is operated by or even helped by a General or higher
class licensee, they should not sign with the /N or /T.  After all, it's
not really in the spirit of things.

At least that's my opinion.
Jeff N9HZQ

Jeff Tucker                         N9HZQ, EMT-A
tucker@eedsp.gatech.edu             Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering
W4AQL Contest Domination Team       Georgia Institute of Technology

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