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New member on board...

Subject: New member on board...
From: 71662.17@CompuServe.COM (BILL J. FISHER)
Date: Sun Dec 27 19:20:55 1992
Tim Duffy (K3LR) signs his note:

>Tim K3LR (No Western PA is not the east coast!)

I'de like to hear what what WN4KKN/6, N6TR, N2IC/0, WB5VZL, ect think of
this interpretation of "east coast" ?

When I operated in California with N6ND and NI6W they considered anything
east of the rockies the east coast.  Down here in Georgia I consider
anyone who can run Europe on 20 meter SSB in the afternoon to be on the
east coast.  But, when I was in Missouri at K4VX I considered W9RE to be
on the east coast....  

I guess it's all a matter of perspective!  

73' & Welcome aboard Tim!

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