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to qrp or not to qrp

Subject: to qrp or not to qrp
From: tsf@druhi.ATT.COM (tsf@druhi.ATT.COM)
Date: Thu Dec 3 12:05:00 1992
I have the cruddy 47' stealth dipole setup, and although
I get a big thrill working a JA on 80, there's
no way I'll sign /QRP (or EQRP :-)).  I feel bad enough having
to repeat when they guess N0? or N0GOH.  And on
phone it's usually N0GAS which roughly describes
the signal, but still busted.

However after all this talk about keeping calls
short, I'm reminded of how many times I spun the dial
past w2jo/...... this past weekend without realizing he was DX.

Tom  n0gos

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