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SHort time contesting

Subject: SHort time contesting
From: g-taylor4@tamu.edu (g-taylor4@tamu.edu)
Date: Mon Apr 5 12:01:33 1993
> opposed to  simply creating new categories in established contests,
> but feel we should address some recognition for the vast majority of
> folks who get on to help the fulltimers build their scores. A "box"
> and an asterisk behind a call in the listings, does not create a
> category, it simply encourages more people to play in the game....
> seemingly a benefit to ALL.
> .................so, what do you think??

>         73 Danny K7SS

Basically agree. As a once "full-time" contester I understand the need for
more participants. For my purposes, as a present "part-timer", publication
of hours of operation would be enough for comparison and analysis. With
present methods of data manipulation, "boxed scores" would limited only
by publication space and the clutter factor. For example, a 2, 4, 6 and/or
whatever "sprint" presentation.

In fact, speaking of data manipulation possibilities why not (for a
price?) make the results data base available for whatever type of
individual analysis you'd like. Could even go futher with collection and
availability of information on antennas, rigs or whatever.

Recognition again should not be a problem in with present-day technology -
make whatever type of certificates available on a cost reimbursed basis.
Lesseee, I got in about 30 minutes in various segments during the QRP
contest this past weekend.........

73, Greg, KD4HZ

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