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KT-34A Refurb???

Subject: KT-34A Refurb???
From: 0015017@msgate.emis.hac.com (0015017@msgate.emis.hac.com)
Date: Tue Apr 20 11:47:41 1993
From: Balmforth, Kevin D
Subject: KT-34A Refurb???
From: Balmforth, Kevin D on Mon, Apr 19, 1993 10:08 AM
Subject: KT-34A Refurb???

I recently acquired a used KT-34A, which I proceeded to disassemble and clean 
off all the accumulated smog/gunk.  When I put it back together, I noticed 
that many of the shorting straps would not clamp tightly to the tubing, even 
though the nuts were tightened all the way on the screws.  Has anyone had any 
experience with loose straps on this kind of antenna?  It seems that this 
could affect performance, especially after a year or two in the air.  What did 
you do to tighten things up?  What about spot soldering the straps to the 
tubing?  Any comments would be appreciated.  

73, Kevin NC6U

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