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VK6 / VK8 Readers?

Subject: VK6 / VK8 Readers?
From: ericr@access.digex.com (Eric Rosenberg)
Date: Wed Apr 21 15:38:11 1993

On Wed, 21 Apr 1993, Peter Reed wrote:

> Hi there - just wonder if there are any readers of the contest forum in VK6
> or VK8 lands? If so, would appreciate you letting me know and where you are
> logging on from.
> 73 de Peter, G4BVH at University of Sussex.

He's not a reader of the contest reflector, but VK8SO is on the internet
as VK8SO@amsat.org

Steve is also N6CRR and working for TRW in Alice Springs. He's been there
with family for 2 years and just signed on for another two. He's active on
UO-22 and Kitsat (the digital satellites) but I don't know about the rest.


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