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CW Swing

Subject: CW Swing
From: g-taylor4@tamu.edu (g-taylor4@tamu.edu)
Date: Fri Dec 17 08:55:29 1993
> > [Danny/K7SS]  The RYTHYM of CW and the "beat" of a callsign is indeed the
> > music of the artform of the code.
I've always liked the XYL's call (at least the suffix) for CW...KA4SSG

Greg KD4HZ
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>From Don Nutt KJ6TC <kj6tc@netcom.com>  Fri Dec 17 15:25:23 1993
From: Don Nutt KJ6TC <kj6tc@netcom.com> (Don Nutt KJ6TC)
Subject: ethics question
Message-ID: <Pine.3.85.9312170723.A4490-0100000@netcom4>


I agree.  Having been a dx station in a contest, I know what it was 
like.  I was told on several occasions that I was sharing,  or could hear 
the other station.  If soneone doesn't move,  then the q rates go down ( 
and I do meand down).

Anyway my wife's case was a little different.  She couldn't hear the DX 
station or the stations working him.  Only one came up that could hear 
both and he was good enough to let her know.  Perhaps she wasn't 
interfereing with him at all.  We don't know.  All that I do know is that 
once she moved the q rate went up.

Thanks Derek......  CU on the bands.....

Don Nutt

>From dcurtis@mipos2.intel.com (Dave Curtis)  Fri Dec 17 16:39:54 1993
From: dcurtis@mipos2.intel.com (Dave Curtis) (Dave Curtis)
Subject: Calls (N0GA)
Message-ID: <9312171639.AA08201@mipos2.intel.com>

de w9xt:
> Stan spent a lot of time
> analyzing the power content of various letters and phonetics.  He
> ultimately picked N0GA.  Apparently "Germany America" has a very high average
> power.  Unfortunately he never really got active again in contesting after
> moving to Iowa.  Must be too much other exciting stuff to do there. :-)

Yes, like teach the senior level electronics classes at Iowa State
(Go Cyclones!) to yours truly, along with N2SM and others whose
calls I forget.  

Thanks for the history.  I had Stan his first or second year at ISU.

73, Dave NG0X

P.S. He was a good prof.

>From len@ariel.coe.neu.edu (Leonard Kay)  Fri Dec 17 17:18:49 1993
From: len@ariel.coe.neu.edu (Leonard Kay) (Leonard Kay)
Subject: "Rules for callsign party?"
Message-ID: <9312171718.AA03511@ariel.coe.neu.edu>

>>I vote for seniority.
>>George, W2VJN

I vote for contributions to amateur radio. Too bad it couldn't
be implemented.

Len 'keeping his call' KB2R

>From mraz@maverick.aud.alcatel.com (Kris I. Mraz)  Fri Dec 17 17:20:43 1993
From: mraz@maverick.aud.alcatel.com (Kris I. Mraz) (Kris I. Mraz)
Subject: CW Swing
Message-ID: <9312171720.AA26762@maverick.aud.alcatel.com>

How about AA2UU?

Kris AA5UO

>From len@ariel.coe.neu.edu (Leonard Kay)  Fri Dec 17 17:34:31 1993
From: len@ariel.coe.neu.edu (Leonard Kay) (Leonard Kay)
Subject: Callsign selection
Message-ID: <9312171734.AA03534@ariel.coe.neu.edu>

>>>5--  JY1 is the most kingly call on Earth.
>>HS1A might disagree.

As would EA0JC.

Len KB2R

>From n7stu@thetech.com (Robert Brown)  Fri Dec 17 17:15:11 1993
From: n7stu@thetech.com (Robert Brown) (Robert Brown)
Message-ID: <1RPPec1w165w@thetech.com>

Am I the only one having mail to the reflector disappear?  It appears so 
considering all the callsign messages coming through.

For the 10M people who wondered if they were working meteors during the
10M contest, PROBABLY SO.
  5         3       5    =  75
I worked 4 new states and 5 new grids on 2 meters during the period from
11-14 December.
73, Robert

n7stu@thetech.com (Robert Brown)
The Tech BBS (408) 279-7199 San Jose, CA

>From len@ariel.coe.neu.edu (Leonard Kay)  Fri Dec 17 17:44:47 1993
From: len@ariel.coe.neu.edu (Leonard Kay) (Leonard Kay)
Subject: Optimum call sign for CW?
Message-ID: <9312171744.AA03548@ariel.coe.neu.edu>

>>      I believe AA1AA is still on this list; not the shortest 
>>        CW call (50 dit-times with standard weighting), but very easy
>>      to parse.  I would think it would be clumsy on phone, though.
>>      --bruce WT1M
>>This is pretty funny, since AA1AA just posted something implying
>>that he was lucky to get this call, and I only ever hear him on

Not if you use 'double-A one double-A'  (right, Luigi?)

Len KB2R

>From George Cutsogeorge <0006354141@mcimail.com>  Fri Dec 17 16:33:00 1993
From: George Cutsogeorge <0006354141@mcimail.com> (George Cutsogeorge)
Subject: Callsigns...
Message-ID: <01931217163310/0006354141PK4EM@mcimail.com>

Why does everyone think that a 1x2 or 2x1 is optimum?  We
all know that having a 1x3 does not reduce the number of
contacts that can be made in a contest.  There are many
examples of this. 

Since a computer is sending one's call there is no extra
effort involved. 

In the pile ups a longer call has a distinct advantage when
used properly.  One way to look at it is that the 1x3
station transmits more total power each time he signs. 
Another is that he takes a longer time sending his call,
etc., etc. 

Having a 1x2 used to be a status symbol because the calls
were issued first, but now that doesn't apply.  There is
some advantage to keeping the same call for a long period of
time.  A familiar call is recognized more easily. 

There also seems to be some advantage to having a call from
the other coast. 

George, W2VJN (Going on 47 years.) 

>From tree@cmicro.com (Larry Tyree)  Fri Dec 17 18:24:00 1993
From: tree@cmicro.com (Larry Tyree) (Larry Tyree)
Subject: Callsigns
Message-ID: <9312171824.AA02634@cmicro.com>

I agree this is one of the most fun threads this year.  Some more thoughts:

- A double letter is always better than anything else.
- W6RTT is a great five letter call, as are the others mentioned (W6MAR, W6PAA).
- I wonder if the FCC knows what they are getting into?
- $70 will be enough to keep most causal hams from applying.

I have written a computer program to analyze the contest results of the
last 10 years and determine the best callsign for the seventh call area.
It also looks to make sure the calls are available.  After three days of
computing the program finished with just one callsign showing up on the

The winner is.........       WN7KKN

Tree N6TR

PS: K6XO's XYL has never hugged a Tree.

>From pfd@big.att.com (Peter Driessen)  Fri Dec 17 19:21:19 1993
From: pfd@big.att.com (Peter Driessen) (Peter Driessen)
Subject: pick-a-call
Message-ID: <9312171914.AA20421@big.l1135.att.com>

Pick-a-call is clearly a good thing for contesters, and
we want to maximize the chances of getting FCC to approve it.
This means getting maximum support from ALL Amateurs, not
just contesters.  For this reason, I support the following
approach.  Any suggestions for improvement?

1. Open the program to ALL licence classes, who can choose
   a call in the format for their licence class or a lower
   licence class (Extra 1x2 or 2x1, Advanced 2x2, etc.)

2. Applications could be processed in the following priority order,
   with 5 deadlines, a few weeks or months apart:
   1. previously held calls (self or immediate family)
   2. licence before 1980
   3. licence before 1985
   4. licence before 1990
   5. anyone

3. We should probably expect there to be an application fee.
   The Hong Kong method of bidding sounds intriguing, but 
   might be a red herring issue which could cause opposition
   to the whole idea, and could destroy our chance of getting
   the pick-a-call approved by FCC.
   Even though bidding may be attractive philosophically to some,
   it may be too risky.  A flat application fee of something 
   less than about $100 may be more broadly acceptable.

Peter Driessen AI7O

>From Ed Stratton               5637 <EStratto@chipcom.com>  Fri Dec 17 
>22:39:00 1993
From: Ed Stratton               5637 <EStratto@chipcom.com> (Ed Stratton 5637)
Subject: Call Signs:
Message-ID: <2D12357E@msmailer>

Just missed the end of chosing calls signs in the 77/78 time frame, here is 
my thoughts on the subject.

I think the implementation should go in order of

1. Correcting OUT of Districts calls, regardless of license class.
     Also at the same time the FCC reinstates mandatory district assignment 
for all amateurs.  Forcing everyone to conform to the district number, no 
fixed permament out of district stations allowed. FCC doesn't need call 
district assignment  for signal tracking for interference etc. because of 
modern day signal tracing.
So the  "self policing" Amateur community will eliminate out of district 
calling and the /# fixed permanet station bickering will stop.

2. Call preservation of the specials hams that have been achieved over our 
ham generations and community, as we become SKs. Such as W6AM, W2PV, etc. to 
be available for assigment to Clubs only and not individuals.

3. Open to all to change to what is left.

4. Choice of changing calls increases for every change requested. Eliminates 
call hogs, and experiementation with different calls. Cost of choice call is 
free, if station move into another district.


AD8V   in Mass.          not /1!

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