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CQ WW propagation

Subject: CQ WW propagation
From: WmHein@aol.com (WmHein@aol.com)
Date: Thu Nov 3 04:07:58 1994
WX3N/0 (@K4VX) said with regard to last weekend's contest:

"Interesting how the propagation was very selective, i.e.  on 10 I often
could barely hear caribbean stations while K9SD and other St. Louis area
stations about 2 hours south blew me away in the pile-ups. Occasionally the
propagation would shift, the signals jump to moving the S-meter and I would
go right through."

I noticed this phenomena as well.  Seemed more pronounced than in previous
years.  I heard N7DD (Tucson AZ) work LU4FM on 160m but could not hear even a
trace of the Argentine.  About 2 minutes later, however, I started to copy
LU4FM just in time for him to QSY to another band.

I also had immense difficulty copying 4U49UN on 160m -- surprising because
the UN HQ is usually a "one call" QSO from Colorado -- and it seemed that the
Denver/Boulder area stations had significantly better copy.  Of course, 5
minutes after I worked 'UN, they were a solid 59.  Conversely, I heard
several 160m DX stations extremely well that N7DD and the eastern Colorado
stations seemed to have trouble copying.  Again, I have noticed this
propagation phenomena on 160m in past years, but never to such an extent.

Bill AA6TT
Tiffany, Colorado

>From Robert Penneys <penneys@brahms.udel.edu>  Thu Nov  3 13:11:08 1994
From: Robert Penneys <penneys@brahms.udel.edu> (Robert Penneys)
Subject: Delaware on Sweepstakes
Message-ID: <199411031311.IAA00024@brahms.udel.edu>

Listen for WN3K from Delaware on Sweepstakes this weekend. 


Bob Penneys, WN3K     Frankford Radio Club      N.E.R.D.S.
Internet:  penneys@brahms.udel.edu       Work: Ham Radio Outlet, Delaware
U.S. Mail:  12 East Mill Station Drive    Newark, DE 19711    U.S.A.

>From fish@crl.com (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.)  Thu Nov  3 
>13:53:52 1994
From: fish@crl.com (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.) (Bill Fisher, 
KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.)
Subject: AO Experts?
Message-ID: <199411031353.AA29915@mail.crl.com>

I have a 6 element light duty DXE 15m yagi and a 6 element heavy duty model.
I plan to stack these antennas.  Just for fun, I tried to model this stack
with AO.  So far, AO is telling me I have just put up a wet noodle.  I can
model 2 light duties together or 2 heavy duties together and it gives me
expected results.

Would someone be willing to let me email them over the AO files for these 2
antennas and have you look at them?


Bill Fisher, KM9P   -    Concentric Systems, Inc.  

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