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how to send the logs ???

Subject: how to send the logs ???
From: 4x6tt@netvision.net.il (4x6tt@netvision.net.il)
Date: Sat Dec 2 22:29:03 1995
I would like to know how to send my cq ww phone logs and to which address 

what do i have to send except my bin file ???

73's   Amir Bazak   4X6TT

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>From Jeffrey Clarke <jdclarke@freenet.columbus.oh.us>  Sat Dec  2 20:43:30 1995
From: Jeffrey Clarke <jdclarke@freenet.columbus.oh.us> (Jeffrey Clarke)
Subject: CAC Address?
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9512021529.A17272-b100000@acme>

On Sat, 2 Dec 1995 phil.finkle@sid.net wrote:

> Would someone pse pass on the W1 CAC who put the info on the DX window for 
> this
> weekend's 160M contest? I checked the window a few minutes three different
> times last night and have a list of nine US calls that were CQing in the
> window. One guy in 3-land ( a 2x1) was observed in two different time periods.
> I'd like to pass these calls on to him.
> If the rules say no US CQing in the window, guys shud be disqualified if they
> violate it. I heard others informing them that  they were in the window. A few
> guys who were informed, moved out so I scratched their calls of the list. If
> ARRL doesn't disqualify them for violating the stated rule, what is the 
> purpose
> of the rule?
> 160 meter propagation was good last night. Many Eu stations both in and out of
> the window. Don't know how many NA stations they worked though because of the
> lack of a wide enough window.
> Tnx, Phil K6EID

           We also have a list of callsigns that were CQing in the DX 
    window last night.  ( I was operating from KC8MK )  Many of these 
   guys are prominent contesters who show up in the top ten in this 
   contest every year....... and I am sure they know what the rules are
   but for some reason are ignoring it ! This list WILL be submitted to
  the ARRL contest desk with our entry.  

                                        Jeff KU8E 

                    ps : you probably should contact the 6th call area 
                         CAC rep... not the W1.

 *      Jeffrey D. Clarke   jdclarke@freenet.columbus.oh.us       *

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