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From: CWMAN1@aol.com (CWMAN1@aol.com)
Date: Mon Dec 11 20:11:03 1995
             ARRL 10 METER CONTEST -- 1995

      Call: WA0QOA                   Country:  United States
                                     Category: Single Operator Low Power


      CW       111      444       16        4
      SSB      121      242       17        7

      Totals   232      686       33       11  =   30,184

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

Equipment Description:  Icom-765, 100 watts, TA-33 at 51'

Club Affiliation:  * FRANKFORD RADIO CLUB *

This is to certify that in this contest I have operated
my transmitter within the limitations of my license and have
observed fully the rules and regulations of the contest.

                             Signature _________________________________


               FRED W. HOFFERT, III  WA0QOA
               64 STILES AVENUE
               MORRIS PLAINS, NJ 07950

Soapbox:  Dismal would not be strong enough to describe conditions!

I've never had more SSB Qs than CW Qs in the 10m test.  Res ipsa loquitor!

                 CWMAN...I'D RATHER WORK CW!!!
                 IF I CAN'T GET "WJ0QYJ" MAYBE I'LL SETTLE FOR A 1 x 2

>From Ken Claerbout <76065.3345@compuserve.com>  Tue Dec 12 02:07:32 1995
From: Ken Claerbout <76065.3345@compuserve.com> (Ken Claerbout)
Subject: KE9A 10 Meter SO/HP
Message-ID: <951212020731_76065.3345_GHC50-1@CompuServe.COM>

KE9A 10 Meter Score:  Single Op, High Power, Mixed Mode

CW      206     7     30
SSB     220    12    28

ALL       426    19    58          Score:  97,328

Operated about 13 hours.  Biggest thrill of the weekend was working 5X4F and
1A0KM on 80 meters.  It can only get better from here folks.      

>From Allan W. Schlaugat" <allanws@primenet.com  Tue Dec 12 02:55:39 1995
From: Allan W. Schlaugat" <allanws@primenet.com (Allan W. Schlaugat)
Subject: N9ISN 10 Meter Contest SO/LP/PH
Message-ID: <199512120255.TAA08763@usr5.primenet.com>

It was a *interesting* contest this year.

Final Tally: 217 Q's / 25 states & 14 countries = 16,926 pts

Rig FT-990 barefoot  w Cushcraft A4S @ 100 feet
Timewave DSP 59+, CT 8.53, Microphone by Heil
Pop: Mt. Dew
Snack: Chewy Chips Ahoy
Outside Temp: -14 degs F at kickoff Friday. 

Thank God for Memory Voice Keyers! I bought the DVS-2 for the 
FT-990 last year for the 1994 10 meter contest.. it was a 
life (voice) saver.

Friday opened up with the locals. Only one renegade scatter
contact was made (N5OLS). What was that guy running for power and
antennas?? N5OLS was audible for most of the contest even when there was
no opening into Texas. Same goes for N2EOC (New Jersey) and AA4NC
(North Carolina) and WS4F (Georgia). All were audible during a
dead band. Wierd.

Saturday brought some nice scatter contacts from the East Coast and the 
SE (Georgia and Florida) in the morning. Central America and the West
Indies came through late in the morning. Two 6Y5's in a row (6Y5JA and
WH6X/6Y5) and KP4VA when he was as weak as Minnesota beer were some
hilites! I noticed N7QXQ/HR6 was giving serial number 001 to EVERYONE. I 
wonder what the ARRL log checkers will do when they find 100's of the
N7QXQ/HR6 q's with all the same number? 
The BIG opening occured from 1700z to 1900z to a very small area of
Eastern Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Had a 120 Q/hr from 1800-1900
of just Texas! From 1900 on I only made 10 scatter Q's and no DX
was heard. So ended day one.
Sunday brought in the East Coast with some weak runs of 15 Q's/hr. Filled
in some nice multis (RI, CT, MA). The opening of the day was to a small
area of North Carolina/Maryland/Virginia but there was very little
activity from there. AA4NC was a honest 20 over S9 most of the day.
The afternoon brought the LU QSO Party as it usually does (30 LU Q's!)
and the contest ended with a nice opening into North Carolina
again (but nobody was home or I already worked all of them!).

Despite -15F deg air temp, the beam was a swinging from east to
west, trying all kinds of scatter modes. The West Coast, for the
exception of N2IC/0 in Colorado, was not heard here. No Europe,
Africa, Australia, ZL, JA, KH6, P5 or XX9 were heard.

I feel that the main reason for the 'bad conditions' on 10 was
partially the fault of the ops who didn't get on at all. Thankfully
many big gun ops made a token effort to get on. But the run of the
mill average 10 meter user was not on at all. Where were all the
KC5's? The KE4's? The openings were there but the hams weren't.

Considering where the cycle is at now, the bad rep the 10 meter
band is not justified. 
It is just "east-west propagationally challenged" :-))

Sorry if you get two summaries from me but I am having E-mail
spasms from one of my accounts. My apologies.

See you in the next 10 Meter Contest!  73   Al

|o|  Allan W. Schlaugat    ---*------*---   Albertville, Wisconsin  USA  |o|
|o| Amateur Radio: N9ISN -+- allanws@rvlink.com OR  allanws@primenet.com |o|
"Always get a contract when working with a dark, omnipotent power" 
 - Joel MST3K

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