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Subject: contesting
From: V.LONG.SA@OCF.compuserve.com (V.LONG.SA@OCF.compuserve.com)
Date: Tue Dec 12 16:31:29 1995
To: >INTERNET:cq-contest@tgv.com at OCF_INFORM
Subject: contesting
    N2IC/0 brought it to my attention that the operator at AA8SM during the
    ARRL 10M CONTEST was using the *** last two *** letters of my call at
    times when making Q's.  First of all, I was not there all day Saturday
    due to my work schedule.  The operator was KB8ZYC, Aaron is my 16 yr
    old brother, was just licensed last June as a Novice.  I was not aware
    that he was doing this, he wasn't doing it when I was in the shack or I
    would have corrected him.  He's just getting his feet wet in contesting
    so he is "new blood".  I will make sure that this doesn't happen again,
    I accept constructive criticism 100%, but lets remember not to run off
    the "new blood".  It was given it the right manner and I thank N2IC/0.

    Thanks to everyone for your patience with Aaron and please listen for
    him during CQ 160 SSB.

    73 Scott AA8SM

    (Hope this wasn't too long)

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