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Novice/Tech's in 10m test

Subject: Novice/Tech's in 10m test
From: n7stu@valleynet.com (n7stu@valleynet.com)
Date: Wed Dec 13 09:07:44 1995
I sent this yesterday but didn't see it come back so here it goes again.

>>Subject: 10M contest: Novies and Techs-NOT
>>de K1ZX/4
>>I made at least 20 looks in the slow and novice segments this past
>>weekend, even calling cq at slow speeds....did not hear a single
>>signal there, at all! Several times I had the TS430 sweep-tuning
>>the recommended segment.
>I worked one /N and saw 3/4 others posted on packet which I didn't hear.  I
also heard about 5 non-/N/T's, including a XE1/ calling CQ in the Novice
window.  I did not hear a single station in the slow speed window though.  
>I found speeds down at the bottom of the band reasonable <25wpm and I could
understand anybody I could hear even though my code speed is considerably
less than that.  I would reply at 13 or 20 wpm depending on how I felt about
the chances of needing a fill, some would slow down but about half would
reply to my 13 at their speed (guess they assumed since I copied their call
I could copy FB at their speed) works fine as long as they stick to the
format and don't ask anything strange.  Worked about 16 stations that way
(only my thrid effort at CW during a contest).  Only 3 stations answered my
slow speed CQ.

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