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Subject: ETO Amps/contest Amps
From: K0RC - Robert Chudek <K0RC@pclink.com> (K0RC - Robert Chudek)
At 01:59 PM 2/28/96 -0500, you wrote:

>BTW, spoke with Ray Heaton of ETO this week, and, in response to my query
>about discounted products at Dayton, said that he and Dick E. have decided
>NOT to discount the 91b or 89 this year.  
>73, John WD4MUR

Interesting...  When I talked to Ray on Friday 2/23/96, he indicated
Dick would not make a decision until they were at Dayton.  He says 
this keeps the sales people "honest" when asked about a Dayton Special.
They don't know ahead of time.

BTW...  I packed up the Alpha 87A and shipped it into ETO to have a
recurring problem diagnosed.  Over the 4-year life of this amp, it has given
me error 24's.  ETO has updated the PIN diodes and installed a different
set of 3CX800's.  But I continued to be plagued with error 24, a "hard"
fault that kicks the power off and requires a 3-minute startup cycle.

FYI...  Error 24 is a system voltage fault.  High voltage, -15 volts, or
-105 volts below safe operating level.  It scares the dickens out of me
when it trips.  The amplifier makes a loud "thump" and goes silent.  Kind
of like someone sneaking up behind you and popping a paper bag!

I'll post the solution to the problem when I have the results.  I'm sure
gonna miss the no-hands-operation this weekend.  The backup amp is an
Ameritron AL-1500.

   73 de Bob - K0RC

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