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ARRL DX and DX-expeditions

Subject: ARRL DX and DX-expeditions
From: KY3N@aol.com (KY3N@aol.com)
Date: Wed Mar 20 19:30:05 1996
  Well after reading the posting on this. I must throw in  MTC (My Two Cents)
1. There were accusations of Club sponserd DX-expeditions.2 That FRC and PVRC
wanted  it so the rule was changed !! 3. this applies to only the Big $$$
guys . 4.  The CAC did not seek input from Contest community

1 Being a member of the FRC for 15 yrs and Currently President 
   The DX-expedition`ers only get one thing. GIANT amounts of Moral support.
   The FRC in no way gives financial  aid  For or to any DX-expeditions
2. I wish this statement had validity. I have a wish list to present to the
CAC members
    at Dayton to try this theory out.  our CAC Rep is K3LR a  NCC member and
    AA2DU is a YCCC member.  neither  PVRC or FRC members!!!!!!
 3. AS for this Rule being for the FILTHY RICH......
    In The FRC the DX-peditioner  travelers run the gambit from  Dr`s to
 Truck Drivers
    and a Mail Man throw in to boot. ( Do Not Piss Off Mail Men we know what
happens )
    So if Working Stiffs 9 to 5 guys are Filthy Rich   Then par time At Wall/
Mart is     average.  I work for Mack Trucks    no big bucks hr
4. At Dayon last year 1995 there was alot of talk on the proposed  ARRL
contest rule     changes . The 10mtr Club Comp. Vhf Contest portable and
DX-expeditions  counting     for club aggregate score.  I recive news letters
from other contest clubs. And      remember seeing them seeking opinions  and
advising there members to write call
    E mail ther CAC rep`s to make there thoughts known. We the FRC had it in
our         news letter and had discussions at our Reg meetings. For those
Who live in the Mega     cluster SYS   YCCC.TRI STATE, FRC,PVDXA . N4MM had
on more then one     occasion posted the proposed rule changes and advised
the community to      speak     to there CAC  rep...  NOTHING SWEPT UNDER ANY

                                                                73` Wayne
                                                                Pres FRC

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