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Loos tension gauge

Subject: Loos tension gauge
From: frenaye@pcnet.com (frenaye@pcnet.com)
Date: Wed Mar 27 20:46:10 1996
A couple of weeks ago (3/13) W3LPL mentioned using a sailboat tension gauge 
(Loos Tension Gauge Model 90 for 3/16-9/32" cable) for tensioning guywires.  

A couple of notes:

1) Loos & Co does sell them directly 

2) Cost is $31.16 plus shipping (UPS)

3) They take credit cards for payment

4) New phone number for Loos: 941-643-5667

73 Tom

E-mail: frenaye@pcnet.com  
Tom Frenaye, K1KI, P O Box 386, West Suffield CT 06093 Phone: 860-668-5444

>From John Brosnahan <broz@csn.net>  Thu Mar 28 02:27:13 1996
From: John Brosnahan <broz@csn.net> (John Brosnahan)
Subject: Neighbor Nixes WPX Contest
Message-ID: <199603280227.TAA02070@lynx.csn.net>

>I read the QST article...very timely. But my question is who do I contact
>to prod the neighbor? 

Contact "Big Louie" out of Chicago  aka "The QRN Terminator"

>From nt5c@easy.com (John Warren)  Thu Mar 28 02:02:16 1996
From: nt5c@easy.com (John Warren) (John Warren)
Subject: VK4MZ - CQ WPX SSB
Message-ID: <1384161860-129555572@BANJO.EASY.COM>

|>Due the band plan in effect in VK land, please note that VK4MZ will be
|>3690-3695, ... listening up 3785-3795 for the duration of the CQ WPX SSB
|>Thanks,  Peter VK4TPW
|Sorry that you guys are back to 3695 again as I have worked VK's on 3795 in
|recent years.  I remember the bigs sigs on 3695 from VK3BM, VK6HD,
|VK2APK...See you on 80.
|Dave K4JRB

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think VKs can still use 3795-3800, provided
that NO PART of their signal falls outside those limits. On LSB, that makes
the effective window about 3798-3800. I worked Don, VK3DZM, on 3799 on
Monday. Perhaps Kerry just wants to stay out of that congested 2KHz in the

John, NT5C.

>From Ward Silver <hwardsil@wolfenet.com>  Thu Mar 28 03:07:37 1996
From: Ward Silver <hwardsil@wolfenet.com> (Ward Silver)
Subject: Neighbor Nixes WPX Contest
Message-ID: <Pine.OSF.3.91.960327190602.9465B-100000@gonzo.wolfenet.com>

Surely this is interfering with your other neighbors TV and radio 
reception.  Pitchforks and burning torches, perhaps?  Watch out, though, 
you have to keep them headed towards *his* place.  Wouldn't it be a shame 
if somehow his fence got grounded in several spots?  ;-)  Seriously, this 
is a rough one...especially if you're the only one getting hit.

73, Ward N0AX

>From Del Seay <seay@alaska.net>  Thu Mar 28 03:15:25 1996
From: Del Seay <seay@alaska.net> (Del Seay)
Subject: SSTV'ers
References: <01BB1C2B.9E370D00@ip21-046.phx.primenet.com>
Message-ID: <315A044D.7A9F@alaska.net>

Brian K. Short wrote:
> I hate to bring up a sore subject, but I happened to overhear
> a couple SSTV'ers in the midwest threatening to report any call
> heard in the contest on 14.230 Mhz.  I would suggest this as a
> good place to fire up BIG BERTHA!
> 73 de Brian

Like a red flag to a bull! If the frequency is empty, it's fair game, 
although common courtesy dictates avoiding the special use areas.
de KL7HF

>From David L. Thompson" <thompson@mindspring.com  Thu Mar 28 04:38:37 1996
From: David L. Thompson" <thompson@mindspring.com (David L. Thompson)
Subject: SSTV'ers
Message-ID: <199603280430.XAA06931@borg.mindspring.com>

>I hate to bring up a sore subject, but I happened to overhear
>a couple SSTV'ers in the midwest threatening to report any call
>heard in the contest on 14.230 Mhz.  I would suggest this as a
>good place to fire up BIG BERTHA!
>73 de Brian
Who are they going report to...CQ or the contest director?   Lets all be
gentlemen/gentlepeople however!

Dave K4JRB

>From Hans Brakob <71111.260@compuserve.com>  Thu Mar 28 04:30:55 1996
From: Hans Brakob <71111.260@compuserve.com> (Hans Brakob)
Subject: Power
Message-ID: <960328043054_71111.260_EHM173-1@CompuServe.COM>

Someone asked me:

>So is it better for the --------'s to run illegal power and then
>to say that they are running 300 watts? 

Perhaps that question is an example of dry British wit.  I desperately hope so.

How about they just stay "legal" in all regards?  Does that strike anyone as a
novel new idea? Does anyone else find it embarrasing that prominent contesters
seem able to accept visible and obvious (yes, even blatant) rules violations in
our sport?

It's unlikely that I'll ever be profiled in NCJ for my contesting
accomplishments,  but I am drawn to contesting because of the atmosphere of
sportsmanship. Implicit in the concept of sportsmanship is an almost religious
regard for the rules of the game, especially when the game is mostly played in
isolation without an on-site audience, and "on your honor". Within the rules
"anything not specifically prohibited is mandatory", but any deliberate step
outside the rules should result in a certain DQ. Power levels higher than
national rules is such a deliberate step.

If my attitude is becoming passe, then I fear for the future of radiosport.

73, de Hans, K0HB

>From N6IP Bob Wolbert" <n6ip@espmail.com  Wed Mar 27 22:43:18 1996
From: N6IP Bob Wolbert" <n6ip@espmail.com (N6IP Bob Wolbert)
Subject: 1995 Calif. QSO Party Results Available on Web Site
Message-ID: <9602278279.AA827995398@espmail.espmail.com>

My web-savvy friends tell me the address listed yesterday for the CQP results
was not complete. Here it is again.


The results of the 1995 California QSO Party (CQP) are 
available on the WW Web. Find them at


73 de Bob,  N6IP
Director, Northern California Contest Club

>From Richard Riley #7122" <RRILEY%ESA.bitnet@listserv.gmd.de  Thu Mar 28 
>13:38:00 1996
From: Richard Riley #7122" <RRILEY%ESA.bitnet@listserv.gmd.de (Richard Riley 
Subject: SSTV nerds!

During the ARRL DX contest I found a nice spot around here too.

The deliberate QRM started up quickly...but I found that the regularity of the
tones and signal meant that the pile-up underneath was still very workable.

The rate meter sat at around 170...not a bad rate for a Sunday afternoon
while the rest of 20m was total CHAOS!

See ya!

Richard Riley

email:  rriley%esa.bitnet@vm.gmd.de
packet: G0JFX@F6KBF

>From ni6t@ix.netcom.com (Garry Shapiro)  Thu Mar 28 08:23:06 1996
From: ni6t@ix.netcom.com (Garry Shapiro) (Garry Shapiro)
Subject: Power
Message-ID: <199603280823.AAA03493@dfw-ix9.ix.netcom.com>

You wrote: 
>>G0JFX: "....what I was addressing was the fact the no contest 
>>sponsor/organiser is going to turn in a member/participant in the 
>>above scenario.
>Perhaps not, but any station which proclaims a power in excess of
>their countries rules, on the air or in their log, should simply be
>DQ'd on the spot, on a zero-tolerance basis.
>Maybe I'm just too naive in my dotage, but if the sponsor (and the
>rest of us) can "look the other way" on this point, then what other
>part of the log should we trust? Last time I looked, we all sign a
>standard "I lived by the rules" declaration on our summary sheet. To
>the best of my knowledge, there is no fine-print disclaimer or 
>for local interpretation of whatever your "FCC" says is maximum
>allowed power. Shades of Romeo!
>73, de Hans, K0HB
These discussions are cyclic--we went through this a year ago. At that 
time, I took the straight and narrow line---cheating is cheating, 
period--and I got blasted by Willy Umanets for having dared to question 
his use of multi-KW levels in a country with a 200W limit. His 
reasoning was that he should be able to run as much as anyone else was 
allowed to run. But even that did not address running MORE than any 
country allows.

Of course, culturally, breaking the rules is a national sport in many 
countries--if not a way of life. The Italians and Russians will look at 
you like you are deranged if you bring up this subject.

So what do the international contest results mean? To me, nothing 
much.Some of these stations run so much power that they cannot hear the 
puny 1.5 kW/5 el beam stations calling them from here--their reach so 
exceeds their ears! I remember listening to HG73DX CQing LOUDLY in the 
'93 CQWWDX on 80m. One by one, almost every station on the West Coast 
took turns at him, without result. Maybe he had a lot of local noise, 
:>). But he was louder than even the Big Gun Euros like ON4UN.

Personally, I do not even read the international results. I look to see 
what people I know did, how I did against them, and how I did against 
my prior scores. In one sense, it is good to have an inconsequential 
station---nobody cares but me. In our "sport," Ferraris and Volkswagens 
run on the same track--and in the same class. And in many cases the 
Ferraris claim to be Volkswagens. So it goes, as Vonnegut said. You 
cannot really expect the contest organizers to be the moral guardians 
of the world--any more than you can expect them to control what your 
kids do on a date, or what the Iranians do with Uranium. They are doing 
the best they can. 

Just my opinion. Don't bother flaying the skin from my bones unless it 
gives you unbearable joy.  I would hate to deny anyone pleasure. :>)

Garry, NI6T

>From Kim Östman <kim@emil.multi.fi>  Thu Mar 28 09:34:41 1996
From: Kim Östman <kim@emil.multi.fi> (Kim Östman)
Subject: WPX SSB in rookie-class
Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.3.91.960328113207.1804B-100000@emil.multi.fi>

Hello contesters !
I will be active as OI6KZP in the coming WPX contest. My first and last time
in the new rookie-class, so i hope to give it a good shot. I've caught
a cold now, but i hope it gets better for the weekend hi..
The station i will be using is a TS-140S & AL-80A (600W), a 4-el 
tribander for 10-15-20 and dipoles for 80 and 40. I bought a MFJ-432 voice
keyer a couple of weeks ago, and it seems to function quite well, so i'll
be using that as well. The QTH is called Luoto, we have our summer house 
there, and the OHC number is 652, just in case some of you are hunting
Finnish counties hi....
So see you all this weekend, i hope my flu gets better, and that i'll be 
able to operate as i have planned.
73's de Kim, OH6KZP (kim@emil.multi.fi)

>From Aurelio Bellussi <aurelio@esrac.ele.tue.nl>  Thu Mar 28 09:37:37 1996
From: Aurelio Bellussi <aurelio@esrac.ele.tue.nl> (Aurelio Bellussi)
Subject: OT6A M/M in WPX SSB 1996
Message-ID: <199603280937.KAA17033@sascha.esrac.ele.tue.nl>

Hello Contesters, DX'ers, WPX hunters,

Also this year OT6A will join the fun for the WPX SSB contest as a
MULTI/MULTI entry. Location will be the old but solid fortress in Lier, 
near Antwerpen. Improvements since the CQ WW SSB 1995 have been made, mainly 
getting more RF power on the low bands. We hope to break the QSO count of 
last contest. If someone wants to make a sked during the contest try sending 
a talk to pa3ezl or ot6a from your local cluster. We'll try getting and 
staying connected with some US DX-clusters.

Have fun and CU all this weekend.

73 de Aurelio PA3EZL       pa3ezl@esrac.ele.tue.nl (e-mail)

>From r.johnson@uea.ac.uk (Richard Johnson)  Thu Mar 28 09:37:54 1996
From: r.johnson@uea.ac.uk (Richard Johnson) (Richard Johnson)
Subject: subscription
Message-ID: <9603280937.AA16388@cpca6.uea.ac.uk>


>From SHAWN LIGHTFOOT <shawn.lightfoot@lun.lis.ab.ca>  Thu Mar 28 00:07:00 1996
From: SHAWN LIGHTFOOT <shawn.lightfoot@lun.lis.ab.ca> (SHAWN LIGHTFOOT 
Subject: Super QRO contesters.
Message-ID: <8BD8403.0065002688.uuout@lun.lis.ab.ca>

It seems lately there has been a few threads about the use of over legal
limit power use on the major contests.
Anyone that is going to dispute this had better get their head examined,
because I have personally talked to some 'testers who admit to using as
much as 5 KW. These are just the ones I have talked to.

It's really no wonder the young guys are skeptical about contesting.
Every contest is ladended with signals that park in one spot and seem to
be the only ones heard from dawn to dusk during bad condx.
I have a modest setup, but certainly never run over legal limit. I don't
even own an amplifier that is capable of HALF the leagl limit.
The FUN is gone out of contesting for some people, as it seems that the
focus has shifted from haveing fun to win win win at all costs.

I had my fair share of some of the over-QRO guys. These are the guys
that are S7 on 40M from Europe, and with a decent antenna and 600Watts I
can't even touch them. I agree that these fellas have some hellacious
antenna systems, but remember, you can't work us if you can't hear us.

My question is this:

WHY can these stations NOT turn their power down to at least legal
limit? Is winning REALLY that important?
I would say if you answered YES to that question, why stop at 5 KW, why
not go for 250KW or even 1 MegaWatt?? If winning is THAT important, save
up and buy a commercial power amplifier-you will have a much better
chance of winning then.

I've heard so much talk of SKILL in contesting. This I can only partly
agree with. It does play a significant part, but next CQWW, try
operating 20 Meters with 3 milliwats, and then say power doesn't help
all that much!

This was inspired in part by a local new amateur who gave me a
perspective of a new ham, that we so often lose sight of.

I don't want to open a can of worms, but I did feel the need to relay
the views of a ham who has listened to the views of a new ham.

If those who want to win this bad go to these extents, exceeding LEGAL
limits, then you may as well just make up your score right from the
start, and save the hassle-it's just as wrong-cut and dry.

Food for thought,

73 de Shawn

>From Diego Angel Mejia <edam015@apolo.eafit.edu.co>  Thu Mar 28 12:49:36 1996
From: Diego Angel Mejia <edam015@apolo.eafit.edu.co> (Diego Angel Mejia)
Subject: WPX Contest
Message-ID: <315A8AE0.6042@apolo.eafit.edu.co>

HK4QIM will be on WPX
Hope to hear u on 21 single Band entry
73's de Alex HK4QIM

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