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[CQ-Contest] of lids and hypocrites

Subject: [CQ-Contest] of lids and hypocrites
From: ve4xt@mb.sympatico.ca (Kelly Taylor)
Date: Sun Oct 5 18:22:46 1997
Anyone who heard W2NQ last year berating contesters' lack of operating 
ethics on the air will love this:

Today, as I was playing in CQP, I tuned across 14.200 to hear a certain 
W2 calling a bunch of friends on a sked. Underneath him, I could hear a 
QRP station trying to hold his ground in a casual QSO. An argument 

W2NQ: ...so maybe if you'll just be quiet a listen a bit, you'll learn 
something. kb2blah blah, w6yakkity yak (there were about 10 calls he was 
calling simultaneously)... W2NQ. You around Jack?

QRPer: Excuse me, sir, it's a very simple matter. I was here first. 
Please QSY. Thank you and have a nice day.

W2NQ: KB2 blah blah, W6 yakkity yak, etc. etc. etc.

Meanwhile, as NQ's friends were calling him, he just kept on calling. No 
ears and nuthin' between 'em, either.

So, who's the lid now?


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>From Jan-Eric Rehn <jan-eric.rehn@swipnet.se>  Sun Oct  5 19:21:11 1997
From: Jan-Eric Rehn <jan-eric.rehn@swipnet.se> (Jan-Eric Rehn)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] SAC CW and SSB 1997 Raw Scores
Message-ID: <199710052020.WAA23760@mb05.swip.net>


Now you can find Raw Scores for the Scandinavian Activity Contest 
1997, CW and SSB on "SM3CER Contest Service".

I need some more results, summary sheets and comments to make it 
more interesting to read. If you don't like to send your summary 
sheet and comments I'll be happy just for the claimed score.

For the list I need CW or SSB, the category (Single Op., Multi 
Op., QRP or whatever), your call, QSOs, QSO points, multipliers 
and final score.

You can find the Raw Scores if you click on "September" in the 
calendar, look for "The 39th Scandinavian Activity Contest" and 
then click the green "Claim" button in the coloumn with the 
headline "Results".

I do NOT want any SAC logs this year. Please send them to:

     NRRL Contest Manager
     LA9HW - Jan Almedal
     N-1825  TOMTER

or you can send your log via e-mail to:


REMEMBER! The logs shall be mailed not later than October 31st.

73 de Jan

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SSA Contest Manager - SWEDEN
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