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[CQ-Contest] CQWWCC answers your questions #2

Subject: [CQ-Contest] CQWWCC answers your questions #2
From: DougKR2Q@aol.com (DougKR2Q@aol.com)
Date: Tue Oct 14 18:37:24 1997
Hi contesters....

After the recent post on the reflector, suggesting that readers check out the
1997 CQWW RULES and the comment about DUPLICATE CONTACTS, I received this
memo which I felt had wide applicability.  Here is the question and answer:

<< In a message dated 97-10-14 01:17:05 EDT, Dick, K6KR wrote:
 < Good change, thanks for making it clear for those misguided souls that
  compelled to submit a "clean" log.
  I do have one query:  When operating multi-single I have found myself 
  infrequently in violation of the 10-minute rule.  My practice was to remove

  the offending QSO(s) from the log and then submit a "check log" of those 
  removed QSOs.   This was done primarily because I was lazy and wanted CT to

  score the log.  Is that now prohibited as well?
 First, the CLEARLY MARK DUPLICATES is NOT a new rule!  It has been there
since the inception of the contest, but not too many people read the fine
print!  :-)
 As for the 10 minute rule, you can continue to do as you have been doing and
that will be completely acceptable.  As a possible alternative, and since we
now want your log in ASCII format-not a binary file, you can't simply EDIT
those contacts yourself and leave them in the original IF YOU WANT TO.  If
you do, just make a note (via the edit function) that "this qso doesn't
count" or "ignore this qso" or something like that, AND, be sure to mark the
qso points as ZERO and to correct your page and grand totals for points, and,
of course, recalculate the final score.
 This is a GOOD question!
 Good Luck in the contest!
 de Doug KR2Q for the CQWW Contest Committee

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>From ki6fe@nwlink.com (Ryuichi Nakano)  Tue Oct 14 22:21:23 1997
From: ki6fe@nwlink.com (Ryuichi Nakano) (Ryuichi Nakano)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Team Nippon
Message-ID: <9710142121.AA01530@po.asahi-net.or.jp>

Hi contesters,

We are going to participate in a team contesting competition
as "Team Nippon" in CQWW Ph '97. Our members are following:
        Station         Operator        Location

        3DA5A           JM1CAX          Africa
        6Y6A            JE3MAS          North America
        FG5BG           JF2DQJ          North America
        JA0QNJ          JA0QNJ          Asia    
        V8EA            JO1RUR          Oceania

See you on the contest weekend.

73  Hajime
JO1RUR (also KH0G, V8EA)



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