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[CQ-Contest] TS940 problems

Subject: [CQ-Contest] TS940 problems
From: jerry@ut4uz.isf.kiev.ua (Yuri N. Onipko)
Date: Sat Dec 27 09:50:27 1997

My friend UT5URF owns used Kenwood TS940S/AT, which has the following

1) Sometimes when he switches it ON, the display begins to show
    " . . . . . . . . . ."
   instead of frequency. It appears 1-2 seconds later after switching
   the POWER button ON. There's no receive at this time, only IF noise in
   headphones. One must switch the RIG ON and OFF from 5 to approx. 30 times
   to get it ready.
2) When CW VBT or SSB SLOPE TUNE is not in the normal position, there's a
   frequency shift while pushing and releasing SEND/REC button. This can be
   also heard while operating SSB and listening to yourself in headphones
   ("MONI"  ON).

    Any advise will be greatly appreciated. Please direct replies to:

    Sorry for bandwidth.

    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everybody!

73!   "Jerry"   UT4UZ / N2WCQ

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