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[CQ-Contest] Re: OT8T in CQ 160 Phone es NOISE

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: OT8T in CQ 160 Phone es NOISE
From: perring@texas.net (Bob Perring)
Date: Sun Mar 1 12:29:10 1998
At 16:54 3/1/98 +0000, John Devoldere (ON4UN) wrote:

>I had heard on one of the internet reflectors of the various noise

>cancelers. After asking around it seemed that the MFJ unit (model 

>would be worth trying out. Well, I must say it is a fantastic little


John's use of this unit during the contest reminded me to ask others here
what their experience(s) might be with the various nulling units out

I have the PC board for the W1FB model 2 design from CQ Magazine, but
have not progressed on the building of same.

Has anybody built and used this particular noise "phaser/nuller"?

I sure do have to do something here at my suburban QTH. At times, ham
radio is virtually useless due to local noise from neighborhood 

So, out there, what have you used and what do you think about the several
models available to us?



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