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[CQ-Contest] New CT936 beta

Subject: [CQ-Contest] New CT936 beta
From: kwolff@ultranet.com (Ken Wolff)
Date: Sun Mar 1 22:02:06 1998
There is a new CT936 beta in http://www.contesting.com/ctvault/ 

* CT now supports point and shoot for the band map:
  Use ALT RIGHT ARROW to enter the band map. Select a spot with the UP
  DOWN ARROW, then press <Enter>. This is similar to the Announce Window 
  point and shoot. When you are done, ALT F4 transfers you back to your 
  run frequency as usual. You may also delete a selected QSO in the Band Map 
  by pressing the DEL key.

* Alt F4 has changed a bit. First, select a spot through either
  Announce Window point and shoot, or Band Map Window point and shoot.
  ALT F4 now toggles between your run frequency and the selected spot.
  In prior versions of CT, ALT F4 toggled between the run frequency and last 
  spot in the Announce Window. Using the new scheme, you can repeatedly
  the run and pileup frequencies, holding the run frequency while calling in 
  the pileup.

* CT now supports the FT920
* Fixed 940 bug
* Fixed networking crash
* Fixed SETDATE command (tnx K1AE)
* IARU check country is now fixed (tnx K3CT)
* Fixed crash on WRITELOG of large VHF logs (tnx K1TR)
* CT now reads and restores the CW sideband (upper or lower)
* CT now supports PTT on pin 16 of the LPT ports. Pin 16 is asserted for
one baud (dot period) before CW sending commences. This allows amplifier 
relays time to trip before the RF hits.
* Fixed the "long dash problem" when using the '+' key to confirm and qrz
* This version has a re-written communications handler for talking to radios,
packet and networking. This is prep work for the Windows release
* FT840 added, but not tested (I don't have a radio to test with).

----- Items Reported, but not confirmed or corrected ------

Please send me e-mail if you have observed or can reproduce these problems

* CT1BOH would like a the rate box to report points for last hour
* NOWORKDUPE does not surpress F4, as the manual says it should (W5UN)
* Need a scratchpad for backcopy of multiple calls in a pileup (W6NL)
* Colorsave does not work (NN5T)
* W0TM:  CQWW requires a single log for M/S, not two logs, as in the paper
* K3WW:  wants to send from the paddle and have weight control
* VE3SS: requests the Canada Day and Canada Winter Contests
* K3MM:  would like CT track the radio mode in muti-mode contests
* KC1XX: would like the RIT cleared after each QSO is logged
* W3LPL: CQWW ARRL DX should not count zero pt qso's in the summary box
* W3LPL: recognize a valid px as soon as it's typed, then alert passing
* W3LPL: config file for windows setup
* Many:  support the new six band changes per hour rule in ARRL DX

Ken Wolff <kwolff@pop.ma.utlranet.com>

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