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[CQ-Contest] Gunna cost me?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Gunna cost me?
From: no6x@inreach.com (Mike)
Date: Thu Mar 12 10:58:03 1998
In the process of getting the last few things ready for my trip in 1 week
to Z3, I have a very important question.
I am going to buy a 14 inch monitor and take it over there. It is going to
stay there, when I leave. 
Am I going to be subject to some kind of tarriff or tax or something by any
or all of the countries in which I Land and Depart from? 
Or maybe just the ones that I stay in? 
Or maybe none of them at all?
I post this here as there are many of you who I am sure have done this kind
of thing in the process of your Contest Expeditions.


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