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[CQ-Contest] Need Ideas Contesting Discussion at Dayton Youth Forum

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Need Ideas Contesting Discussion at Dayton Youth Forum
From: w2gd@hotmail.com (John Crovelli)
Date: Sun Mar 15 09:34:13 1998
Hi Everyone.

I have been granted 10 to 12 minutes of time to address the Dayton 
Hamvention Youth Forum regarding contesting.

I am looking for ideas - how should this short talk be approached?

The audience will be largely teenagers - what is a surefire way to grab 
and hold their attention?

What aspects of contesting do you think should be included in the talk?

What information should be emphasized?

Any suggestions regarding graphics, net sites, etc.

This is just one of those small opportunities that we have to reach a 
new audience and maybe bring in some younger recruits.

Whatever ideas you might pass along are appreciated.  I will summarize 
your submissions and post the summary on this reflector.

Thanks in advance for your help.

73,    John W2GD/P40W

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