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[CQ-Contest] Old contest binary files

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Old contest binary files
From: jranz@anaya.es (Jesus Ranz)
Date: Fri Apr 10 10:59:45 1998
Hi all,

>From the Spanish RadioClub "Radio CLub Universidad de Alcala, EA4RKU" (
http://www.rcua.alcala.es ) we are working in a small project with the
goal of analize and "understand" diferentes MULTI-MULTI operations

For these reason, We will apreciate any information about where find
K1EA CT binaries files al CQWW, CQWPX contest from MULTI-MULTI or
MULTI-SINGLE stations.

I dont know if there are any public sites with these files or should be
necessary  contact all the contest stations one by one. In these case,
of course, we will apreciate if some or the CQ-contest list members
could send us some of his old logs.

I will apreciate any help about these.

Many thanks in advance ...

73 from EA4AD
Jesus Ranz

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