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Subject: [CQ-Contest] SHORTEN CONTESTS?
From: felipe@isla.net (Felipe Hernandez)
Date: Tue Apr 14 23:38:17 1998
Señor TJ,

Bravo, Bravo!!! I can only Echo to your words and Shorten contest will mean
I will have time to do other things like, shopping, working, movies and
other stuff
you do on normal weekends.

Pretty soon doing things on contest weekends will become so common that they

will eventually take over. And people around you will no longer respect the
like they used to. Remember when they used to say "Ah dont even think about
trying to
get near him he's in one of those crazy contests!!"

I dont know about you, but for me, a contest weekend is the only time when
Im one
with myself and not even murphy takes away the fun, and taking time for
other things
will just take the "NIRVANA" out of it.

QEREZET!! Dame tu call que no te copy!!


Felipe NP4Z

James Neiger wrote:

> It seems like it's time once again to regurgitate the silly notions of
> micro-managing the rules of contests to suit our individual needs.
> BETTER YET: If you're REALLY serious about maximizing your fun and
> competitiveness, get on an airplane, plug your radio into a Caribbean
> island tri-bander, and find-out what some of us learned many years ago.
> Downside risk to this is, of course, you may not want to go home.
> I believe that KQ2M, NH7A, and K3ZO are right-on.  Shorten the WPX to 30
> hours? Nah, I vote for 48 hours.  In fact, maybe we should go back to
> the ARRL DX format of 30 years ago of 96 hours per mode?  Now THAT was
> fun!  Four 48 hour weekends jammed into Feb/March.  Love it!
> If contests are such fun, why do we want to limit them?
> And may I apologize FOR my dear friend Trey Garlough?  He obviously has
> temporarily taken leave of his senses. Trey knows that anything less
> than 48 hours is quiche-ville.  Kids these days, they just don't seem to
> want to learn.
>                 Vy 73
>                   Jim Neiger
>                   N6TJ/ZD8Z
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