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[CQ-Contest] The Great WPX Debate & this reflector.

Subject: [CQ-Contest] The Great WPX Debate & this reflector.
From: tgstewart@pepco.com (tgstewart@pepco.com)
Date: Wed Apr 15 09:43:54 1998
Well, I thought I gave my suggestions a long time ago.  As far as the time
period goes, I really dont care that much.  It's just another facet of the
contest, whichever way it goes...I just dont like a huge amount of off time
because my wife likes to find things for me to do in the off times if I'm
not sleeping! hi!

73, Ty K3MM

To:   Tyler G Stewart/BENN/CEC
Subject:  Re: [CQ-Contest] The Great WPX Debate & this reflector.

>*Perhaps its time for a separate reflector for this topic?
We start a contest reflector to discuss contest topics and when one comes
along that you disagree with, it's time to start another reflector to
discuss it.
Common Tyler... give some constructive input on why you disagree with the
proposal.  There have been some very interesting ideas on both sides of
this debate.


Bill Fisher, W4AN (EX KM9P)

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