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[CQ-Contest] Who makes the decisions?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Who makes the decisions?
From: kevindrost@prodigy.net (Kevin Drost)
Date: Thu Apr 2 16:36:30 1998
Bill Fisher - W4AN wrote:

> >     Who makes the decisions?  Exactly what are the chain of events
> that bring about a rule change ...?  Is it a decision by committee?
> Is there a process?  Does one guy have
> total control?  So far, complaining about (various contest rules)
> year after year on  this
> reflector has done nothing to bring about change.

Pick your discussion, WPX hours, Two Radioes, Multi-single, SOA, Zero
point QSOs, much world-wide bandwidth has been xpended on this reflector
about contest rule changes.   But no matter how thoughtful and
resaonable the argument, nothing happens!  The ARRL has the CAC, but how
does a rule change happen in a CQ contest ?????

When does a rule change?  Never?


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