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[CQ-Contest] November CQ arrives

Subject: [CQ-Contest] November CQ arrives
From: henrypol2@juno.com (henrypol2@juno.com)
Date: Wed Oct 28 21:06:21 1998
Another successful trip to the PO box this morning; found the latest
issue of CQ.  Interestingly, I stopped by the local newsstand to pick up
a new fishing magazine and noted that the Nov. CQ was already there.

Front cover photo is an aerial shot from 165 feet of the towers/antennas
and landscape around K1CA's home.  As usual, the fine (print) details on
the contents page provides very little information.  Does anyone have any
more details on this impressive site?

A thought-provoking editorial by K2EEK about the upcoming changes to the
US amateur radio service.

Contest related items:
Getting Primed For The Solar Maximum
Review - SGC SG-231 Smartuner
"The Aerial Here Is....", a remotely tuned 160 meter inverted-L antenna
1998 CQ WW WPX SSB & CW Contest High-Claimed Scores
The Digital Dipole column - Antenna Notes (items from KB6KQ Loops, Array
Solutions,              Top Ten Devices, and Larsen)
Contest Calendar column - (drum roll please) CQ 1997 Contest Survey,
Final Results
Propagation column - CQ WW CW Contest Weekend Mostly Low Normal

Other interesting items:
The Military Radio Collections Group
Good Things Can Come In Small Packages (compacting the shack)
World of Ideas column - Vintage Tubes and Classic Rigs, Part II 
DX column - The New Orleans International DX Convention, 3 New DXCC
Entities, DX              Reflector dies

NOTE: 31 more days till the CQ WW CW Contest!

Interesting trivia:  Those tear-out Reader Service (Bingo) Cards and
Subscription Form/Envelopes that I always throw away are now considered
actual magazine pages!  The Reader Service Card is considered pages 25
and 26.

73 and good reading,
Henry Pollock - K4TMC
Raleigh, NC

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