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[CQ-Contest] WPX - VO0A and 4O0A

Subject: [CQ-Contest] WPX - VO0A and 4O0A
From: Kn7y@aol.com (Kn7y@aol.com)
Date: Thu Jun 1 01:32:39 2000
Hello fellow contest enthusiasts...

Does anyone have the same experience with these two calls?  During the 
contest, I copied both, and listened very carefully when I heard them again 
just to make sure I wasn't going nuts.  Also, after the contest, I looked at 
the database search on DX Summit to see if spots for both calls were made, 
and there are.  The question came to me when 4O0A gave me a "QSO B-4" durng 
my call on 14 meters in the contest.

Thanks, Jack, KN7Y

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