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[CQ-Contest] Efficiency is the name o' the game

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Efficiency is the name o' the game
From: w4pa@yahoo.com (Scott Robbins)
Date: Wed Jun 7 08:10:29 2000
>The two radio (or more) operator has a tremendous
TIME advantage over the course of a contest, literally
HOURS more spent receiving than the one radio guy. 
>That is the part of the playing field that needs
>leveling.   Bill, W7TI

But Bill ? you?re missing the fundamental point of
what contesting is.  Contesting is not working
stations and multipliers, it?s all about racing the
clock and operating efficiency!  When I compete in a
contest, I am not competing against any of the other
hams who are operating the contest.  I am operating
the contest versus the clock, and the only way to
?beat the clock? is to absolutely use every second of
the contest as efficiently as possible.  Then, when
the contest is over, I can compare my efficiency to
the efficiency of the other operators in the contest
when the scores are tabulated.  

Operating one radio in a contest and listening to
myself call CQ all day and then deciding if I should
change bands or S&P a little bit is, frankly, tedious.
 The amount of mental energy required to operate two
radios is significantly higher than double what
operating one radio is.  To me, it makes radio
contesting interesting and a major league mental
challenge for me ? and if the competitive aspect of
competing at the top of the game and being a totally
absorbing mental challenge were not there, why bother
Scott Robbins, W4PA

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