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[CQ-Contest] Single op NOT assisted

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Single op NOT assisted
From: K3BU@aol.com (K3BU@aol.com)
Date: Fri Mar 2 17:38:02 2001
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In a message dated 3/1/2001 19:03:25 Eastern Standard Time,
k5zd@ma.ultranet.com writes:

 >  Given the arguments that many have presented, it looks like anything other
 >  than "spots" is OK.  So does this mean I can send talk messages to other
 >  people on Packet or via the Internet?  Just to check the weather at their
 >  location (in case I don't have cable and can't get the Weather channel) or
 >  to see if the band is open for them yet?
 >  Can I ask them if they worked a JA on 160?  It wouldn't be a spot.
 >  Can I ask them what time they worked Europe on 160 the night before?
 >  Can I ask who they worked in Europe on 160 in the contest?
 >  Can I ask them to send me their .brk file while the contest is still going
 >  on?
 >  As my probability professor put it the other night, there are an infinite
 >  number of numbers between true and false.

I think it boils down to discouraging solicitation of contacts during (and I
would vote also before) the contest. Intent of rules should be like this:
     Hey, there is a contest this weekend, there would be some nuts (pardon
me, contesters) on, QRMing each other and fighting for points and
frequencies. You wanna get involved, have fun, help, suffer? Get involved,
pick a category and see how many points you can work (or hand out) while
having fun competing and obeying rules. The spirit should be: there is a
bunch of stations going to be active, lets see who can work most, acquire
most points OBSERVING ESTABLISHED RULES.    Kinda we are all the same at the
start, see who can beat Jeff. Soliciting contacts by advertising before the
contest, during the contest using all kinds of means (packet and other
assistance), moving stations to other bands (?) should not be practiced. It
gets into the category of shooting animals that were herded into the corral.
Lets go out there and work what is out there, on the same level as everybody
else. It is technical sport where equipment is part of the competitor, so
lets concentrate on pushing the envelope in the technology field and
developing operating skills, rather than operating from the wheelchair pushed
by someone else.
     If we all get "clever" we will end up with extremes, like prizes for QSOs
on all six bands (already there), having team of assistants holding
frequencies, hoarding the stations, advertising before the contest, lining up
their bodies and clubs to "work only me" etc. There is already bad taste
developing on the side of smaller guns complaining that bands are taken by
nonstop CQing frequency hogs, there is no room for others to fire up for a
while and give others chance to work them. They get turned off and won't show
up. Big guns should keep in mind that little pistols are points and should be
treated with some care.
     As far as questions above, if this is done as conversation about past
activity, it would fine, but if is used to tell someone where and what is now
(go get him) then it is wrong, it is assistance by someone else. Once in a
blue moon I get some good soul coming on my frequency and saying "there is
P5ABC on 1.888, do you need him?" I first treat it as attempt to get "my"
frequency, second, like why is he telling me that, I can't work the stuff
myself? So I would say: "I worked him yesterday, QRZ?"

Yuri, K3BU
like why do we have Ø (nil, nada) points for own country nowadays in CQ WW?

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