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[CQ-Contest] Did it ever happen to you???

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Did it ever happen to you???
From: otterstad@enter.vg (ragnar otterstad)
Date: Thu Mar 8 23:55:27 2001
It has happend more than once for me !  hi
73  Rag LA5HE OZ8RO

SR2Q  --> Single Report 2 QSOs

This never happened to me before, so I'm wondering how
many times this could have happened to other people
and how frequent this could be!

More in deep:
it was the ARRL DX CW when I was IR2V qrp on 10m.
I was scanning the band when found W9XT (Wi)
a new mult, with K3II few Hz lower.
I call W9XT, and them both heard me and answered with their report.
I sent mine and put them both into log.

If this fact could happen, the second occurrence sound like
a World Guinness!
It happens that, few minutes (7) later, I found K0GN (Mo), another
new mult, wich is weak and just under W3RJ quite louder.
I make my call and, again, both answered, so another
report and two qsos in the log!
Here the log extract, with my on line comments!
   10CW  18-Feb-01 15:52   74  W9XT        *  599  599 Wi             Wi
   10CW  18-Feb-01 15:52   75  K3II        *  599  599 Pa
; 18-Feb-01 15:53 : fatti tutti e due con la stessa chiamata!!!!
   10CW  18-Feb-01 15:57   76  N4RV        *  599  599 Va
   10CW  18-Feb-01 15:59   77  K0GN        *  599  599 Mo             Mo
   10CW  18-Feb-01 15:59   78  W3RJ           599  599 Pa
; 18-Feb-01 15:59 : anche questi due con un colpo solo!!

It was really funny and that fact rewarded me enough for that time!

Bob,I2WIJ (IR2V in contest)

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