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[CQ-Contest] Got a Room at Dayton?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Got a Room at Dayton?
From: otterstad@enter.vg (ragnar otterstad)
Date: Tue Mar 13 07:49:20 2001
It is nice to see some people have a sense of humour on this very serious
reflector !!!

I LIKE IT !  HI   73     RAG LA5HE

Fred.  Rather than seek a room or roommate, I suggest you hover around the
occupied rooms.  Soon as one guest steps out for a break, grab his room and
take over.  First ask quietly if it is in use.  If he does not answer in 2
milliseconds, claim it for yourself.  If he is smaller than you are, he
cannot get it back.  Be sure he is not bigger than you, does not stand
taller than you, does not have longer arms, or nor  has amplified strength.
Otherwise you may have a room fight to claim the empty space.  If he is
stronger, do not waste your time.  Rather QSY down the hall and find a
weaker opponent or clear room.  73, Bill, K3ANS>>

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