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[CQ-Contest] Elecraft K2 for serious non-QRP contesting

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Elecraft K2 for serious non-QRP contesting
From: n0ss@earthlink.net (Tom Hammond NØSS)
Date: Wed Mar 28 08:48:01 2001
Pete, et al:

 > >QRP Power column - Impressions of the Elecraft K2 Transceiver (anyone using
 > >this as a serious contest rig?)
 >The numbers in the QST review are breathtaking, and now that Elecraft has
 >released a 100-watt companion amp to go with the K2 I suspect it's only a
 >matter of time.  I'd want to try the ergonomics of such a small radio, but
 >oh my isn't the price right!

Don't jump QUITE YET... the KPA2 (100W amp) is NOT ready for human (even
ham) consumption yet.

I will be one of the FT's (Field Testers) for this option and we FT's have
not seen hide nor hair of it... YET... although I fully expect to see it
(the pre-production version) within another 4-6 weeks, and possibly, if
everything goes as it looks it might, they will have the amp available by
(or close) to Dayon.... I hope, I hope, I hope. I understand that the
present hold-up is the wait for the custom-made cast aluminum heat sink.
The amp will be designed such that it'll install EITHER IN the rig, OR as
an EXTERNAL amp... but it will ONLY(!!!) work WITH the K2, thus eliminating
use of it on other gigs OR on certain non-ham bands.

I've used the K2 in the last four  ARRL Sweepstakes (CW and PHONE) and have
found it to be VERY easy to manipulate and it's got a killer RX. Ask Bob
Patton, N4BP! Bob's been using his K2 in many MORE contests than I have,
and I think he's been pretty happy with it as well. I've found using the K2
in the Sweepstakes' to be amost effortless, and it really kick in the S&P
modes as well.

I'll try to keep the reflector advised of progress on the KPA1.

73 to all,

Tom Hammond   N0SS

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