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[CQ-Contest] Deja vu all over again

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Deja vu all over again
From: w4pa@yahoo.com (Scott R.)
Date: Wed Apr 2 06:52:34 2003
AA4LR wrote:

>I only spent a few hours in the WPX SSB this weekend, but I was very 
>frustrated with the number of stations who would finish a contest QSO
>and then simply say: "QRZed?".

>This sort of poor operating technique makes me want to crawl through
>the radio and throttle the guy on the other end. 

There is a simple solution that takes "just don't work them" a step
further.  Note their callsign, don't work them - and then don't work
them in subsequent contests.  The pros who sign after every QSO, I'll
always stick around and try to work.  The "QRZed-ers" seem to have
plenty of guys to QSO - I don't need to stick around to help 'em
out with another contact, I'm just adding noise to their pileup. 

I get the feeling, given this topic seems to be debated yearly
that the "QRZed-ers" are not reading the bitching about it
on the contest reflector, or you'd think the message would have
arrived by now.

Scott W4PA

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