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[CQ-Contest] BPL: EMI Problems in PLC Systems

Subject: [CQ-Contest] BPL: EMI Problems in PLC Systems
From: eric@k3na.org (Eric Scace K3NA)
Date: Tue Jul 1 10:05:40 2003
Folks --

   There was some interest in technical articles on broadband over power lines. 
 Earlier this morning a YCCC member posted the
following references.  This might help those of you planning to make comments 
to the FCC on the subject.

   -- Eric K3NA

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Subject: [YCCC] EMI Problems in PLC Systems

This months issue (The 2003 Annual Reference Guide) of Compliance Engineering 
(http://www.ce-mag.com) has two excellent articles
dealing with Power Line Communications. The 2 articles were written by Dr. 
Diethard Hansen, founder and president of EES Switzerland
and Germany (http://www.euro-emc-service.de).

Very detailed and many references are cited. The second of the the two part 
article talks to field strengths as measured by amateur
radio operators and sensitive radio services. The second article touches 
briefly on the  political, regulatory and business
environments in Europe, related to the PLC industry.

The articles are available on the web:



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