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[CQ-Contest] slug 1 from slug 2, over

Subject: [CQ-Contest] slug 1 from slug 2, over
From: kr2q@optonline.net (DOUGLAS ZWIEBEL)
Date: Tue Jul 1 21:13:57 2003
First, a comment for "the other Doug."  Once again, you are attempting to
usurp my Doug-ness...this time with Slugness.

HOWEVER....I received an email today from another station formally ack'ing
that I am the Slug/Doug.

>From N8BJQ:
Dear Slug/Doug
See W4AN's post on the contest reflector - you will love it..
[end snip]

Now...on to the matter at hand.

Actually, I think AN has come close to hitting the nail on the head....

I think that all m/m and m/s and m/2 stns are pitiful.  I mean...how hard is
it to operate MONOBAND (which is what each op there does, esp at a m/m).

Anyone worth their salt will only operate SOAB...that is where competitors
have a chance to shine.  2 or 3 guys per band...."oh my, I overslept...no
big deal, I hve 2 backups."  Whimpy.

Ban packet....ehhhh.  I say, ban m/m and m/s and m/2.  Wouldn't it be nice
to have those ultimate SLUGS off of the bottom edge on EVERY BAND, ALL THE
TIME?  Pass mults and even qso from 10 to 15 to  20 without doing any real
work (hell, they don't even have to change anything..."call me now on 14342"
and then just keep CQ'in where they are. Gee whiz....how "skillful."

I know that this concept is not my own, original thought.  Being as SLUGGISH
as I am, I can recall that 5ZD actually made this proposal many, many years
ago (that's my footnote).

In fact, ban computers.  When I operated at N2RM (and won m/m), I remember
KQ2M (also there) asking me, "how come the scores are so much bigger now
than when you were at N2AA/K2GL?"  The truth is, computers.  Using computers
is just whimpy.

In the REAL competitive days...well....we had to log by hand, erase mistakes
(on both the log sheet and the dupe sheet).  Hell, we even had to DESIGN the
dupe sheet to be efficient for wherever we were operating...Hmmmm...how much
room for G3's versus UK5?  You had to be an octopus to log and dupe at
anything over 120/hr.  Yup...you needed REAL skill back then.

Our secret weapon at N2AA was provided by WA2OVE/KR2J/N5NJ....thin lead
mechanical pencils....wow...much better than having to SHARPEN your pencils
during a run.

Yup....times have changed and all for the worse.  Now let's see...how do I
zero beat my transmitter with the rx freq again?

de Slug/Doug #1  KR2Q

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