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[CQ-Contest] NCJ - Your Inputs on Budget Software

Subject: [CQ-Contest] NCJ - Your Inputs on Budget Software
From: paulk5af@sbcglobal.net (Paul Schaffenberger)
Date: Fri Jul 11 13:43:14 2003
Once again, its time for another "Contesting on a Budget" column.  The topic is 
Budget Software.  I'm talking about freeware, shareware, or otherwise low-cost 
software that you use in your contest efforts.  It can range from antenna 
design, to propagation, to logging and everything in-between.
- What is the software and where do you get it?
- What do you use it for?
- How does it give you a competitive advantage?
- What other thoughts do you have on saving money on software?
I truly appreciate the great responses on previous columns and I look forward 
to hearing from you!
73,  Paul, K5AF
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