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[CQ-Contest] In time out?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] In time out?
From: w2rds@arrl.net (Rick Stoneking)
Date: Thu Jul 24 13:04:06 2003
I found a similar solution.  I use a old metal office desk, the kind with 
the simulated wood top.     It is good sized and works well for holding all 
of the equipment for the operating position, but when I had to get to the 
wires in the back it was a real nightmare.  One day while wondering around 
my local Ace Hardware store, not looking for anything in particular, I came 
across these small, three wheel casters.  They are like a small metal bowl 
with three casters on it (they had a couple of different sizes as well).  I 
bought four of the smallest ones (about $5 each I think) and I put one of 
these under each of the desk legs and now I can pull the whole thing out 
from the wall no problem.

73 de W2RDS

At 03:35 PM 7/24/03 +0000, Thomas Horton wrote:

>I personally like being able to get behind the desk easily a LOT.  It is
> > not something you do frequently but being able to do it frequently
> > without any hassle is SO nice... wanna try moving the gear around - no
> > biggee - it is easy to get at!
>  Being a little pistol in the contesting game,
>I don't have a large built in desk, but an old,
>and I mean old wooden office desk for my
>operating position.
>  About one of the smartest things, and there
>aren't too many was to put casters on
>the legs of the desk so it can be rolled
>out to gain access to the back.
>  Being a wooden desk, and obviously
>wooden legs, it was very easy to drill
>into the legs and slip the casters into place.
>  Works great!
>73, Tom K5IID
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