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[CQ-Contest] Elmering CW

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Elmering CW
From: otterstad@enter.vg (Ragnar Otterstad)
Date: Sun Jul 27 21:42:37 2003
>  I have been able to get a couple of guys around here
> to play in the CW contests. Some of their scores have
> been very respectable!
>  Just encourage the phone guys you know. Tell them
> how much fun it is, what rare countries they are missing,
> etc. Hopefully thay will join us!

What worked for me was to get one of the OZ- phoneDXers
to take an interest in 30 meters. All of a sudden, he  realized that he was
loosing some ofthe new ones by not
working CWon 30 meters!

He is now on HR on DXCC CW- much to my delight.


Rag Otterstad    LA5HE also JW5HE OZ8RO
located in Telemark - home of skiing.

My antenna "farm" can be found on HTTP://no.photos.yahoo.com/la5he when you
click on  Radio.

Take a look at: http://WWW.visitTelemark.com

or  http://www.visitnorway.com

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