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[CQ-Contest] Request for Inputs Mar-Apr NCJ, Contesting on a Budget

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Request for Inputs Mar-Apr NCJ, Contesting on a Budget
From: PaulKB8N@aol.com
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 18:09:45 EST
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Thanks to all who have contributed to the column.  I am preparing two columns 
for the next two issues and am anticipating a very insightful guest column 
from a well-known European DXer, but also want to get your inputs on another 
topic.  I'll forward the most promising article for submission this time and 
refine the remaining article for the May-June issue.

The topic:  Is now the time to homebrew that dream linear or monster antenna 

There are two words that help answer the question:  "Russian parts"!!  Just 
like the post-WWII era, we're enjoying the "Peace Dividend" resulting from the 
end of the Cold War that has produced a windfall of RF components.  Russian 
parts, including good quality amplifier tubes, vacuum variables, and inductors 
are cheap and plentiful on the Internet.  Do you have plans to build a new amp? 
 Do you plan to upgrade a present amp with cheaper and more robust Russian 
tubes?  Are you looking to buy and modify one of the several amps (such as the 
GLA-2500) that can be retrofitted with Russian tubes?  Are you planning on 
building that monster antenna tuner with vacuum variables and big inductors?  
there other parts bargains that you'd like to share with the community?

How you might take advantage of this RF parts windfall?  Please provide 
inputs by Friday, January 16th.

Thanks in advance and 73,

Paul, K5AF

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