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To: "Richard L. King" <k5na@texas.net>
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: [TowerTalk] Short Dipole for 40M
From: "Grillo's" <ah3c@frii.com>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 20:39:29 -0600
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Hi Richard -

Irony is that I am a construction engineer for Anheuser-Busch and our 
priorities are safety and quality.  We recently went 5 million man-hours at our 
Ft. Collins site without a lost time accident.

I wish I had my antenna up (July for sure).  We could chat for a while....

Wasn't it in that very '59 novice roundup that you eeked me out and then did it 
again is SS another year....leading up to the "tooo bad, pete" scenario.  It's 
sad when we come to realize that we have become a part of that convenient loss 
of memory generation!  Hi to Dennis also.  I'm sure we will be able to catch up 
on the air waves again.  Maybe another horse race in 2004 SS?  What would be a 
suitable OT prize?  We ought to make a list of contenders.

Didn't someone on the reflector start putting together a set of rules for OT 
competitions?  We don't need any new contests, just add the OT category.  We 
might even entice Neiger to join in the fray....


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From: "Richard L. King" <k5na@texas.net>
To: "Grillo's" <ah3c@frii.com>
Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2004 5:35 AM
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Short Dipole for 40M

> Hi Peter,
> Yep, I sure remember this antenna. I was going through old slides a couple 
> of weeks ago and came upon a picture of it and some other pictures of my 
> visit to your place. It was really something. I remember that you climbed 
> the tower to fix something using a dog leash as a lanyard. Scares me more 
> now to think about it then it did then for some reason.
> Remember when we figured out the novice SS mystery and we laughed until it 
> hurt after looking at May 1959 QST? I still remember that as one of my 
> great amateur radio moments.
> BTW, you took me to K6OVJ's place and we visited Dennis and I took some 
> photos there. Now Dennis is K5YA and lives nearby here and we have become 
> good friends. Small world.
> And of course, there is always, "That's toooo baaaad. Peter". :-) But I 
> don't exactly remember why we started doing that.
> Take care old buddy.
> 73, Richard
> At 03:32 AM 4/21/2004, you wrote:
> >Somewhere in the NCJ archives you can search for my prototype "2 element 
> >W6RTT 40M Droopy"....no loading coils...about 5 bucks in cost.  It worked 
> >great on top of a 54' Tristao crank-up tower.  It was built with wire and 
> >yard sticks (not for windy areas, but can be beefed up with better 
> >selection of supports).  The yardsticks were used as spacers at each end 
> >of a 24' Hy-Gain 204BA boom.  Bamboo sticks were stuffed at the reflector 
> >tips and front director tips.  1/2 wave #16 insulated wire was strung 
> >using this spreader arrangement in a driven element/director setup.  The 
> >left over wire drooping down the element tips was kept from getting 
> >tangled by adding a fishing tackle lead weight.  It had great forward gain 
> >(approx 5.5 db).  SWR was just like you would expect a full size 2 element 
> >beam to be.  I used it in one SS contest, then took it down.  It even 
> >worked on 15M
> >How's that for a tribander?  Great fun.  Been thinking about doing it 
> >again....
> k5na@texas.net 
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